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Our lectures are powerful, interactive, and highly educational. Each lecture can be tailored to fit the interest and needs of your group.

What We Can Do For Your
Members or Employees

Without any cost to your organization, the following components are available for all of your members or employees.  These components can be structured in the form of a Health Fair or performed as separate individual events:  

  • Myovision: Computerized early detection of postural syndromes that lead to chronic pain, loss of function and range of motion.
  • Bio-Metric Screening:  Including weight, blood pressure, blood glucose testing, osteoporosis screening, and bio-impedance analysis which not only accurately measures body fat percentage, but also the cellular health of the individual which is the ultimate early assessment of health.
  • One on one consultation: Findings reviewed  and discussed with a Health Coach to determine a plan of action.
  • Health Lectures: On-site presentations ("lunch and learns")  for group education addressing leading health issues.
  • Ergonomic Assessment: Evaluating and assisting in the setup of workstations in order to minimize common repetitive use injuries and offering solutions to ease physical stress.
On-Site Lecture Topics
The following examples of on-site education
can be customized to fit your employee needs.

New topics in 2013!

Reach Higher!
This is THE best goal setting seminar out there! Learn how to write SMART goals and actually achieve them. The hardest thing about accomplishing a goal is sticking to it! This interactive seminar gives participants realistic take-home tools that they can use immediately to start reaching their most desired goals. Participants will leave energized and ready to take on the world!

Ultimate Weight Loss
If weight has been your constant struggle and this is the year you are ready to face it head on, this seminar is for you! Learn how to separate the fad diets from the ones that really work. Participants will be given the breakdown of why some diets work and some don't; comparing medical weight loss programs to natural diet protocols.

Sitter's Syndrome
With the advent of computers comes a plethora of postural imbalances.  This discussion identifies the top 10 ways that chronic sitters can improve their posture and strengthen core muscle groups to lessen physical stress.

Stress Less
Natural remedies for stress including the top physical and nutritional  solutions to stress control.

Back To The Basics
You don't need an expensive health club membership to get in shape!  Designed for employees who desire at-home fitness protocols to achieve their health goals. Includes whole-body and core-strengthening exercise that can be performed in the living room!

It's Not All In My Head
Identifying different types of headaches, including migraines, tension headaches and cervical headaches. Includes natural remedies for headaches.

Exercise for Arthritis
Smart, pain-free exercise protocols for all levels of arthritis.  This can be a hands-on event where participants are guided through exercise.

Use It or Lose it
Flexibility is a "use it or lose it" game!  This hands-on event demonstrates the Top 10 stretches that should be staples in everyone's fitness routine and how to perform them correctly. 

Golf-specific exercises and stretches to aide every golfer in their quest for the perfect swing!

Osteoporosis in the Family?
Osteoporosis has a strong genetic component. This discussion identifies steps that participants can take now to proactively decrease their osteoporosis risk and slow down bone loss.  This event can include Bone Density Screening for all participants.

Mother Told Me There'd be Days Like This
Natural hormone replacement options for women experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance. This discussion includes how to identify hormone imbalance and natural remedies for associated symptoms.

Early Detection
This discussion identifies the risks associated with breast cancer and teaches participants how to perform a monthly self-breast exam.  Includes a risk assessment and identifies practical ways to reduce risk.

Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired
Identifying lifestyle and nutritional mistakes we make and how it affects our inability to lose weight and regain vitality.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I now understand what causes my pain. My doctor taught me how to help myself by adding stretching and exercise to my adjustments. This has decreased my pain dramatically"
  • "I could not tolerate pain medications, they were upsetting my stomach. Since working with Dr. Hovig, I no longer need pain medication and my activity level has increased greatly. I thank you all for the care you've given me."