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Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Around here, we do a lot of healing! However, we never like to take
ourselves too seriously! So, in an effort to answer your most pressing

questions, we present you with the scientific answers in addition to

answers straight from our experience and hearts!

1. What does the chiropractic adjustment actually do?

Science says: The adjustment is a specific, non-invasive thrust delivered to the spinal joints by hand. It is fast and non-painful and its purpose is to manipulate spinal bones into correct position in order to remove nerve interference in your body.

We say: After many years of stress, overuse and wear-and-tear of your muscles and joints, or in response to a traumatic event, your joints have twisted, shifted, torqued and put your body in an imbalanced position. The adjustment aligns your joints, taking pressure off of muscles and nerves, making you smile again!

2. Is the adjustment safe for all ages?

Science says: A recent study from the American Council of Pediatrics revealed chiropractic as a safe, alternative treatment of colic, back pain due to poor posture and backpack use, growing pains and other musculoskeletal disorders.

We say: Absolutely! We have had the privilege of treating patients ranging in age from 1 month to 93 years old! Our adjustment techniques are adapted to your specific problem, fitness level and size. Kids respond to treatment very quickly and call the sound of the adjustments "popcorn"! And they always leave with a treat!

3. Part of my treatment consisted of spinal adjustments on the traction table. How does the traction table work?

Science says: This treatment is called flexion/distraction. The traction treatment opens spinal joints vertically so that pressure on discs and nerves is relieved, which in turn will help alleviate your symptoms.

We say: Aside from the hands-on spinal adjustment, it is the fastest, most reliable way to alleviate pinched nerves, disc bulges and radiating pain. It is a technique that makes your healing faster once we find something that works this well, we stick with it!

4. Part of my treatment consisted of electric stimulation. How does the electric stimulation work?

Science says: The electric current blocks the pain message being sent to the brain and helps to alleviate pain. In addition, the stimulation contracts the muscle until the point of fatigue so that the muscle relaxes, relieving spasms.

We say: We spend a lot of time focusing on the muscle component of your problem. Through the electric stimulation therapy, we calm the muscle down, relieve spasm and muscle pain and retrain your muscles. If your muscles are happy and loose, they will not pull on your joints and they will help your adjustments last longer. If muscles are calm, what we put in place can stay in place!

5. What can 1 do at home to help myself heal faster?

We agree with science in that the best way to help yourself recover is the following: Opt for ice instead of heat (due to inflammation most likely present), do not exercise if your routine causes moderate to severe pain, limit activities that are stressful to the

spine/joints; don't be a couch potato (moving in pain-free range of motion is far more beneficial than not moving at all- you'll avoid stiffening of the joints) and always call our office for additional suggestions pertaining to your specific condition.

6. Why do 1 need multiple appointments and can healing occur in just one treatment?

Science says: Each patient is unique on every level; therefore, the number of treatments required is different for each patient. However, there are a few things that determine how quickly your body will respond to treatment: How long you've had the problem (chronicity), how intense the pain is, and your current age and fitness level. The longer you have been struggling with a condition, the more work we must do to correct the imbalance in your body. Unfortunately, the older you are, the slower the body may heal.

We say: You can rest assured that our goal is to have you return to the life and activities you love as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on getting you out of pain, giving you exercises and stretches you can perform at home or your gym, and helping you achieve your health goals. Your condition is reassessed at each and every visit to ensure you are healing at the right pace. At the time of completion, you are released and free to go out and get crazy all over again! We will be here to put you back together again!

7. Why must the treatments be scheduled so close together for maximum healing?

We agree with science in that when symptoms arise, the sooner treatment starts, the better the outcome. Your spinal joints and/or discs are out of alignment and under considerable amounts of pressure. When we have the opportunity to treat your condition early and often, we maximize on the improvement we can achieve, we can stabilize your condition faster and begin to strengthen your body. We like results and early, consecutive treatments bring results!

8. What added benefits can 1 receive from chiropractic care?

Science says: Since the central nervous system is connected to every muscle and organ in the body, numerous scientific studies have documented that patients receiving chiropractic care experience a stronger immune system, increased energy and stamina, increased mental acuity, improved digestion, and much more. This occurs once the spinal joints are in alignment and interference of the central nervous system is removed. In our words, once you're no longer crooked and your nerves are no longer pinched!

We say: In addition to those mentioned above, our hope is that you will leave our office with at least one of the following: a hug, a smile, a funny joke to pass along to a friend, and a feeling that you stumbled across an office of people who truly care about you!

Thank you for choosing us as your doctors! We appreciate your trust in us!

Dr. Shannon Burke | Dr. Hovig Vartanian

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  • "I could not tolerate pain medications, they were upsetting my stomach. Since working with Dr. Hovig, I no longer need pain medication and my activity level has increased greatly. I thank you all for the care you've given me."